This whole website is about me which is wonderfully self indulgent but it isn’t in any real order. The stories come as I’m reminded of stuff but maybe some people like a bit of chronological order. So…. my name is Kathy, originally Kathryn but after my mother died, nobody ever calls me that. I’m a Geordie – that means I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne on the north east of England.

I have two wonderful children – Elly and Alex – they come into the stories of course. I am part of a large extended family who mainly get together at weddings and funerals but generally they are happy to make up an impromptu and noisy party whenever random people, like me, are in the Toon (in Newcastle) – we’re very good at parties.

Besides my family, some constant themes in my life are shoes, cats, Newcastle United and food. I’m not listing travel there because that’s what my life is – it’s not a theme.

My home these days is in Voditsa in Bulgaria and it seems like more and more of my family are gravitating towards the village, either for holidays, weddings or to set up life permanently there. Interesting developments ….

And the rest you can read about in the stories….. enjoy.