I’ve written shoesa few books…in my head. They were great when they were there but on the rare occasions that the words moved onto paper, they became rubbish and suddenly it all seemed to take a very long time to actually say anything – in my head the words just tumbled together beautifully.  This is  very disheartening and eventually I reluctantly forgot about being a best selling author. I think that I didn’t really have a good story, ie. a fictional story, so I just assumed that I had nothing to write about.

As time went on and I got older, I noticed that people often commented on ‘my life’ and wanted to know more about it. But it’s exactly that to me – my life – and sometimes it takes a bit of effort to just keep up with it. I certainly didn’t have time to sit around thinking ‘oh, this is an interesting life’ but I did always recognise that my life horionas been very different from most people that I know. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, I’ve lived in an ridiculous number of houses and I guess I’ve been a few different people. But my life was still keeping me too busy to sit down and reflect on it, until one day I was faced with the prospect of about 6 weeks with literally nothing to do so I started writing – it was either that or die of cabin fever.

The idea of an actual book though, was always just out of reach – I don’t have that amount of dedication and again I was disheartened. But people still wanted to hear some stories so that’s what this site is about – it’s a place img_20160816_233518for me put stories about my life as and when something comes to my mind. It’s mostly about connections that I make, again, in my head but now I’m prompted to follow those thoughts a bit further along and join up a few dots. Maybe these stories are also for my grandchildren and so that I have a connection with future generations that I’ll never meet. We seem to have lost the art of aural storytelling and I’m much more comfortable typing instead of writing by hand so this is the medium I’ve chosen to travel back and forward around my life and bring some memories and thoughts together …. and I hope that some people might enjoy reading them.